software techology inc.
software techology inc.

Resource Services

  Software Technology, Inc. emphasis on client’s issues and opportunities and continually focuses on meeting business technology requirements. When you are opt for consulting services from technology firm like us, you will get a team of expertise professional catering as per client requirement.  

 serving since 2004 and  have access to large candidate pool having technical competency across technologies and industries. 

Our recruiters are exceptionally skilled in recognizing top talent around the globe and matching them with the client’s needs 


Contract Opportunities

  •  So our approach is transparent where client interviews and personally selects the consultant. Flexible engagement in terms of duration and number of consultants to suit the client’s requirement. 
  • The result will ensure to measure, align and optimize performance with business goals 

Fulltime Opportunities


  • Quicker turnaround on projects
  • Higher productivity with specialized resources
  • Flexibility to increase staff without payroll expenses or employee benefits
  • Strong process orientation that provides you with business analysis reporting, contract management and timekeeping
  • Sales & Marketing Analytics Solutions
  • Customer Single View Solutions
  • Customer Relationship-Centre Solutions

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